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“Dorset Race Equality Council commissioned Sound Out to deliver the sound system for "One World Festival". The team responded to the brief perfectly and dealt with everything very professionally without a lot of input from us. On the day of the event, they were all well organised and were a huge contributor to the success of the festival. We were so pleased that we have asked them to come back this year and to provide all the sound system for our Dorset Diverse Day in Dorchester in April. Now I know that I do not have to worry about this aspect of the event, as I am sure Sound Out will do another great job”!

( Mid Size System ) + ( Compact System )

Anonymous Festival,

"I have worked with Sound Out for a few years now, and will continue to work with them as they really fit the ethos of the young people centered approach I look for.


The team are always really professional and reliable, and relate brilliantly with Sound Out's young trainees, teaching them skills and providing great opportunities for development"

I regularly hire PA equipment via Sound Out as I know I will get a great service at a good price. SOUND OUT has never let me down and are always cheerful and good company to work with. And if I encounter any other issues with my events, they will always pitch in to help"!

Emma Scott

Community Development Officer , 

Events including Anonymous Festival, Party in The Park .

(Large size System) + ( Mid Size System) + ( Backline )

Inclusive Education "Question time" (West Dorset Political Hustings)

Sound Out is brilliant initiative which  also serves the community at the same time as giving valuable work experience to young people. I organised a public event in Dorchester, with an audience of 80 people. The Sound Out crew arrived in plenty of time and set up a professional standard rig very quickly and with good humour.


The system was appropriate for the event, and several attendees commented on how clearly they could hear the people on stage. As the event organiser, it was reassuring to know that the sound was completely taken care of. I highly recommend Sound Out’s high quality PA services, and it is great to know that each booking helps local young people to learn and to set themselves up for the future.

Clare Tarling

(Compact size System)

Sound Out in the Community

"In 2019 Sound Out made a huge impact at Dorchester Youth & Community Centre".


"Thanks to Sound Out - The studio at DYCC is now open for business once more , and young people are loving it".


SoundOut delivered training to staff and volunteers at DYCC, young people now have regular studio time with Youth Workers and Volunteers who know how to use the equipment safely and are able to share their knowledge and skills effectively with others. 

Adults and young people have been inspired; the taster sessions delivered throughout all the sessions last year has meant that everyone is more confident, creative and expressive. Young people who wouldn't usually take part in music activities are getting involved and having a go. 


With the support of SoundOut we are now working at plans for 2020 whereby young people want to run community events and they want to fund-raise for more music activities and training. 

Kate Parkman DYCC

DYCC Studio Control room
Young people gain experience presenting Live Radio
Young People Visiting our Friends at Air107.2
Refurbished Musical
instruments DYCC

System One

Min 6 x  Mid to Top range - Speakers, 4 x Bass Bin Speakers , Stage Monitor Speakers , Large Mixing Desk & Amplification Suitable for site.
Stands, Mics , Cables,Backline Amp & Mixer.
CREW - 3 x Pro Crew + 4 x Trainees.
Contact for Backline Options if required.

All Systems are bespoke , Sound Out will work with you in order to achieve all your Tech Spec requirements.

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Sound Out System One -  Suitable for large Scale events - Bands , DJ's , Outdoor Festivals.


Equipment & Crew


Got an Event Coming Up?


System Two

Sound Out System Two - Suitable for Medium Size events. Band Stands - Parties & Smaller stages indoor events

4 x  Speakers 1/2 x Bass Bin , Stage Monitors , Microphones - Stands - Cables - Amp Mixer.
CREW - 2 x Pro Sound Out Crew + 2 x Trainees
Contact for Backline options if required.

All Systems are bespoke , Sound Out will work with you in order to achieve all your Tech Spec requirements.


Compact System

Sound Out Compact System - Suitable for Smaller tented or indoor events - Public speaking debates & Talks.


Customise - Quote - More info

2 x Speakers - Microphones - Stands -Cables
Stage Monitors ( If required ) Amp & Mixer.
CREW - 1 x Pro Sound Out Staff + 1 x Trainee

All Systems are bespoke , Sound Out will work with you in order to achieve all your Tech Spec requirements.

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