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For our planet

The world is changing. As humans, we’re making incredible progress in technology and science, but it’s come at a cost. We’re using up fuels too fast and we’re polluting the atmosphere with greenhouse gases. The good news is that we don’t have to choose between progress and the planet. We can keep using electricity as long as we generate it in an environmentally-friendly, renewable way, especially if we cut down wherever we can. And that’s where Ecofitter comes in.


As the cost of running a business constantly rises, Roxxap understands that stretching every pound of your company’s IT budget is vital to your success. That’s why we are proud to offer Microsoft Dynamics as a long-term solution to escalating IT expenses and ongoing technology problems that cost you time and money.

EDF Energy

Foundation Scotland

Network Rail


Stow Parish Trust


Stow and Fountainhall Community Council

Youth Borders

Cash Back for Communities


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